YACHTBOOK is a company working with maritime personnel on board and shipowners in the professional yachting sector and offering a friendly and helpful service to yacht crew and owners. 

The company allows seafarers to post their resumes online and apply for Jobs on our website to find an employment. For owners and their representatives (captains, managers, recruiters, etc.) is an easy tool to post their job offers and download candidate CVs.

YACHTBOOK provides yacht seafarers onboard jobs, while yacht owners post their vacancies to hire staff.


The company is constantly working on the following points:

  • Seafarers recruitment: shipowners, their recruitment agents or their representatives, can hire skilled sailors worldwide.
  • Posting job offers: shipowners or their representatives(captains, managers and recruiters) can post their yachting job offers on our portal.
  • Check and protection: we check the seafarers’ profiles submitted using the merit system of BLINK LEVELS, protecting shipowners and theirs representatives.
  • Seafarers hiring: YACHTBOOK finalizes contacts between shipowners and seafarers to carry out the shipboard jobs. Our portal is the solution to both shipowners' job offers and sailors’ job applications.
  • The innovative method: the site qualifies each seafarer through the assignment of a level badge stamped on their CV CARD, the Blink Level, a badge pointing out the sailor’s level of experience and reference and providing employers with easy tools to evaluate their ideal candidates.

Click here for more information on BLINK LEVELS.