Blink Levels

The innovative system on which YACHTBOOK is based on consists of Blink Levels, badges stating the levels of experience and references gained by seafarers' experience in the yachting sector.

When a seafarer creates a profile, the portal identifies his experience based on the data uploaded and assigns the initial BLINK LEVEL, which is stamped on the personal CV CARD, i.e. the presentation form on YACHTBOOK. As the experience and competence of the seafarer increase, the portal adapts the BLINK LEVEL and upgrades the CV CARD.

In the search for personnel to hire, shipowners benefit from this classification systems and seafarers have more opportunities to find the desired job.

The innovative Blink Levels method and its assignment criteria

The site qualifies each seafarer by assigning a level badge stamped on their CV CARD, the Blink Level.

The Blink Level is a badge that highlights seafarers’ level of experience and reference , it provides the employer with the tools to evaluate his ideal candidate and depends on the following criteria:

  • ELEGIBLE CV: this is the CV analysis performed by our staff after the seafarer has signed in.
  • JOB REFERENCES: these are the written references the candidate submits when creating a profile account. References must be related to personal work experience in the yachting industry received other than our portal.
  • YACHTBOOK REFERENCES: these are the work references that seafarers receive from our shipowners or references provided by mariners and approved by our company through verification surveys.
  • EXPERIENCE AT SEA: it is the seafarer ’s work experience at sea gained in years of navigation.
  • CONTRACT WORK LONGEVITY: it is a key factor for those registered seafarers with an average contract work longevity of more than 24 months.

How to read levels

There are 10 BLINK LEVELS, the first 8 are given based on the data provided when signing in and they are upgraded over time by updating your CV CARD, while the last two, the SKY LEVEL and the GENESI LEVEL, can only be assigned from our company.

Having a lower starting level only means being less experienced and / or less referenced in the yachting sector regardless of one's maritime professionalism, which can still be very high. 

Here are some examples of the levels progress but there are over fifty possible combinations.

The last 2 levels

The last “Sky” and “Genesis” badges are assigned only to candidates who, according to our company protocols, reach a high working profile and / or possess at least 4/5 parameters of the assigned Blink Level. These levels can be issued by our staff following appropriate checks at any time and are intended as prizes.